Are you tired of feeling like a failure as a parent?
Do you long for ease, peace, and cooperation?

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I'm Jessica

Certified Parenting Coach & Yoga Teacher, also known as, 'Zen Mama'

For ten years, I studied parenting to foster my vision of deeply connected relationships with my daughters, yet my house was full of power struggles, yelling, and parenting that felt awful. Finally, I found a system that creates peace and cooperation, without sacrificing connection. Now, I guide parents through the same system that saved my family. End your frustration and commit to finding the Zen you and your family deserve. Your ZenFam awaits you!

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Learn and integrate the truth about parenting and human development

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Take Your Home From Crazy To Connected

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It's Not Your Fault

Children are not born with instructions...until now.

Most of the accessible information about parenting is rooted in the outdated theory of behaviorism (rewards and punishments) which has proven more harmful than helpful. 

The authoritarian way most of us have been taught to parent, is full of yelling, threats and bribes, leading to broken relationships with our children.

The Transformational Parenting system that I guide you to integrate, leads you directly to the goals you have for your child: happiness, success and a relationship with you, that lasts a lifetime. You can finally say goodbye to mom-guilt! 

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When you book a call with me, we’ll speak confidentially so I can get a sense of what’s going on for you and your family and where I can offer support.

Traditional methods of parenting do
not work.

Are you tired of constantly yelling and punishing your children? Do you feel like you are constantly resorting to rewards to get your kids to listen and behave?

The Transformational Parenting system offers a new approach that can help you teach your children to make decisions based on intrinsic motivation and equip them with the skills they need to navigate peer pressure and future challenges.

To be clear, this is not a hands-off permissive parenting approach. You will establish values and boundaries that lead your family to the cooperation and connection you desire. 

With the Transformational Parenting system, you can finally say goodbye to power struggles and meltdowns and can welcome your new "ZenFam."

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Private and Group Coaching

Find Your ZenFam

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"    The textbook" you wish you had all along, is finally here.

My coaching integrates elite concepts and processes that will serve you and your family through all the challenges of parenthood. 


      Hitting, Spitting, Kicking, Yelling, Disrespect - I have the antidote."

ZenFam Parent Coaching will remedy the tough situations you and your family are in as well as set up you for success if you are just getting started on your parenting journey and want the fundamentals. 




"Jess is the absolute core of why this has been a life changing experience. I feel heard. I feel understood. I am able to get input and guidance on any and all questions that I have. Every time we close a session, I am a better person, thus a better mom."

-Courtney F.

"Jessica has the ability to make you feel at ease the moment you see her. She is empathic, validating, non-judgmental and supportive in helping dig deeper and getting curious about what’s happening inside yourself. She has been truly instrumental in helping me break through internal barriers, assisting me in my transformation journey."

-Erin M.

"I had a happy childhood but looking back and seeing where I was having these biases that were then affecting how I parent…I can’t recommend the program enough. It is the best investment you will ever make in yourself."

-Kavita G.

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  • I don't know what else to do. I've tried everything and my kids still don't listen, and the yelling and arguing is constant.
  • ​I've read all the parenting books and asked friends and family for advice, but things keep getting worse.
  • ​Sibling fights are non-stop, school makes my kids angry, and counseling has not helped.

Me too! For nearly a decade, I felt exactly the same way. Now, it is my calling to guide you and your family to the peace and cooperation you deserve. 


Become a Zen Mama or Dad Today

  • ​Number one: You'll finally be able to stop yelling, let go of the guilt and be confident that your strategies and tactics will raise successful and happy children.
  • Number twoWe believe in creating real connections that will stand the test of time.
  • Number threeYou'll be part of the exclusive graduate community of Zen Mamas and Dads (other parents, who like you, know there is a better way)!! 

Perspective, Truth & Authenticity: A Closer Look at Parenting