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The Expert's Guide to cooperation and connection with your kid

Handle Your Parenting Struggles without Harming Your Kid's Self-Esteem and Confidence.

Special Bonus at the end if you can attend the Live Webinar. The recording will be available for 48 hours.

Be on point in your parenting. You will know the latest scientific findings in child development and psychology that explain why you and your home are in distress.

What You Will Learn in this Free Presentation

Secret #1

How to handle your kids big emotions in a way that is helpful and not hurtful.

Secret #2

How to get your kids to listen without yelling, punishments
and bribes.

Secret #3

Prevent your kids from low self-esteem, anxiety and peer pressure.

Secret #4

Learn what your kids want more than anything, creating a relationship that stands the test of time.


Does this sound like you?

You're exhausted from no one listening to you

You are tired of reading parenting books and taking online courses with nothing actually working to stop the yelling and power struggles

You are desperate for peaceful dinnertimes and vacations that foster connection 

You may be beginning to give up, wondering "maybe this is just how parenting is"

Sibling fights are driving you crazy

You imagined a deep, meaningful connection with your kids but have no idea how to get there

You understand that time is of the essence. Kids are most impressionable before 7 years old and after 13 years old it is much more difficult to get them to follow your guidance.

You are ready to be the leader that you and your family need you to be

You believe you and your family are meant to THRIVE every day

You're here to raise healthy, happy kids who confide in you now and when they are grown


Meet Your Host

Hi, I'm Jessica, a certified Parenting Coach & Yoga Teacher.
AKA 'Zen Mama.'

I don't believe in happenstance, which means you found me for a reason. 

Over 6 years I studied parenting to foster my vision of deeply connected relationships with my daughters, yet my house was full of power struggles, yelling, and parenting that felt awful.

Finally, I found a system that creates peace and cooperation, without sacrificing connection.

Now, I guide parents through the same system that saved my family. End your frustration and commit to finding the Zen you and your family deserve.

Your ZenFam awaits you!

Here's what others are saying

"Jess is the absolute core of why this has been a life changing experience. I feel heard. I feel understood.
I am able to get input and guidance on any and all questions that I have. Every time we close a session, I am a better person, thus a better mom."

-Courtney F.

"Jessica has the ability to make you feel at ease the moment you see her face. She is empathic, validating, non-judgmental and supportive in helping dig deeper and getting curious about what’s happening inside yourself. She has been truly instrumental in helping me break through internal barriers, assisting me in my transformation journey."

-Erin M.

"I had a happy childhood but looking back and seeing where I was having these biases that were then affecting how I parent…I can’t recommend the program enough. It is the best investment you will ever
make in yourself."

-Kavita G.

Be the Leader You and Your Family to Be. 

"Nothing will change unless you do something different."

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