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“I did my first vision board party with Jessica in January 2022. I was skeptical at first, and joined the party because my girlfriends were doing it. WOW was it eye opening! Not only did we have a super fun time at the party, but after reflecting on my year at the end of 2022, I saw that everything on my board manifested! I can’t wait to do another vision board party for 2024!”

– Lauren B. –

Bring in the 2024 New Year with Class & Style

Inspire your friends with the best girl's night ever

  • Connect with your true heart's desire: Define your resolution & learn about the Laws of Manifestation
  • Cultivate an energy and mindset shift: Embody your resolution and remove the blocks that are keeping you from your dreams through yoga and breathwork
  • Thrive as your dreams come to life: Collect all that brings you joy and happiness onto your vision board

“I enjoyed the vision boarding party so much! It was such a beautiful way to connect with friends. I loved that I got to take home my own unique vision board afterward. I hung it up on the wall and have already started manifesting! I will definitely do it again.”

– Christina K. –


Create more meaningful friendships. When you dream, manifest and transform together, a special bond is created.


Shift your energy. Embody your dreams by removing unconscious obstacles through breathwork and yoga.


Enjoy your best year yet full of all the things that bring you peace, love and joy!!

Limited sessions available. Secure the date of your choice today.

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Here's what's included:

  • Laws of Manifestation and Charka Discussion and Journaling Prompts: Learn the laws of manifestation so your dreams can actually become possible. Learn about the 7 chakras (the major energy points within the body) and how an energy shift is a key component to manifestation. Journaling your resolution and energy blocks is part of the process, clearing your mind to easily see the path to your goals. 
  • Yoga and Breathwork: Embody your resolution and remove the blocks that are keeping you from your dreams. Through focused movement and breathwork you can access your subconscious and invite the ideas that support your resolution into your mind. 
  • Create your vision board: Collect, cut, and paste away as you create your masterpiece with all your favorite friends. Seeing your ideas in front of you plays a big part in making your dreams come true. 

Most parties are scheduled throughout January and February. Evening and weekend sessions are available.

Secure your preferred date today.

The inclusions above take approximately 3 hours. Your private New Year's Manifestation party can be customized to meet your preferences.

The ZenFam Private New Year's Vision Board and Yoga Manifestation Party is available at a location of your choice, within 30-minutes of Boca Raton, Florida. Yoga mats are provided by each guest. Food and drinks are not included.

Simply book a free Discovery Call, to discuss your preferred date and preferences.

Meet Your Host

Meet Jessica Hausknecht, aka ZenMama. Jessica is the perfect host for your private Vision Board & Yoga Manifestation Party!! 

Jessica creates an inspiring and welcoming ambiance for guests whether in one of her yoga classes or during her coaching sessions.

She loves meeting new people and guiding them toward their dreams and purpose through multiple modalities, like journaling, chakras, the laws of manifestation, breathwork, yoga, intention setting, and vision boards.

All have been powerful forces in her life, bringing more joy, peace, and purpose and it is her calling to share the power of these gifts with others.  

Jessica is a certified Vinyasa and Yin teacher with a special interest and studies in chakras (the main energy points within our bodies that greatly impact our lives).

Jessica is also a certified Parenting Coach and the founder of the Find My ZenFam Movement, a mission to make current, science-based parenting strategies easily accessible for all families. 

 During her free, time Jessica has many loves; music, volleyball, dancing, reading, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.

Start this New Year different. Better.

Your dreams are not selfish they are your destiny.


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