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Transformational Parent Coaching Saved My Family

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

My days were dark.
I would wake up with my shoulders pulled up to my ears, tense, just waiting for the first fight to break out among my three daughters. I walked on eggshells every day, wanting to escape my own home.

My girls are less than two years apart from each other, finding out I was pregnant with my third when my middle daughter was only nine months old. Everyone I announced the big news to looked at me like I was crazy. I didn’t get it at first, but as time went on and the exhaustion seemed like it would never lift, I realized my home was full of screaming from everyone in my family all day. I tried everything to change their behavior, but eventually, I had so many privileges revoked and timeouts set up that I couldn’t keep any of it straight.

The frustration permeated through everything, the lack of cooperation wore on us, and my mom-guilt was overbearing. Before I knew it, eight years had passed, and I realized that none of the parenting books or online workshops were working. My husband and I loved our children so much, we were regularly consulting with friends and family and trying so hard – so how could this be what our family was like?

I didn’t give up.
I chose to continue believing that connection was possible instead. As I seriously pondered, “maybe this is what parenting is like, and I have to get over wanting it to be something different,” I did one last Google search. That is when I discovered the Jai Institute for Parenting Coaching. Reading through the science-based syllabus, I knew I needed to sign up immediately. How could I be unfamiliar with all the topics listed even though I had been studying parenting for so long? Emotional Intelligence – yes, please. I wasn’t exactly sure what it was, but it sounded smart. Attachment science, nervous system science, and brain science – absolutely! I had no idea what these topics were, which made sense. My children had spoken a different language than me since I met them, so it was time to learn about some topics that were foreign to me. My mind, body, and soul were screaming; please tell me everything you know!

A Journey of Epiphanies, Healing & Heroes
After three months of working with my Parenting Coach, Rebecca Lydon (my hero), the discord I was having in my family made sense because I realized that the information we need to parent and understand our children is not easily accessible. On top of that, the information that is easily accessible is what was creating some of the problems in my family. Please beware of all the highly rated parenting advice, experts, books, and workshops that focus on behaviorism (changing the child’s behavior versus understanding it).

While so many parts of the program were transformational, the most impactful part was working with my coach to help see the generational patterns that I was unconsciously infusing into my parenting that were keeping my family and me from living in peace and collaboration.

My Days are Different Now: True Connection is Real
Now I spend my days enjoying my family, amazed at how far we’ve come and confident that we will be able to handle whatever comes our way because this training has provided us with healing and a foundation so firm that we will not get knocked down again.

I also spend my days giving back as a Jai Certified Parenting Coach, serving clients and their families by guiding them through this genius curriculum. It is my honor to help parents from going through all the same struggles that my family and I went through.

You Deserve to Thrive
You deserve peace and cooperation in your home, and you are here, at this moment, for a reason. If you and your family are suffering, please know that happiness and connection are for everyone, and it’s the secret to an amazing life. Push the excuses aside and act right away. Your ZenFam awaits you!

About Me
Jessica Hausknecht is a Certified Parenting Coach and Yoga Teacher. Both are paths toward consciousness, which saved my life, and it is my honor to pass on the gifts bestowed upon me. I am madly in love with my three daughters and hubby. My other favorite things include listening to music, reading, playing volleyball, dancing, and traveling.

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Hi, I am Jessica Hausknecht

Founder of ZenFam Parenting & Yoga

Jessica, AKA Zen Mama, is a certified Parenting Coach and Yoga Teacher. Through both practices, yoga and parenting, cultivating consciousness is the core philosophy my guidance and work is built on. Consciousness is the secret to a free, happy and successful life and the path to creating the deep, meaningful relationships that we all desperately desire. 

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